Georgetown-based Illuminata Lights up Seattle

Find museum-quality lighting in this new line from a local glass artist
Artist Julie Conway’s “Acqua” sconces can be seen at Goldfinch Tavern downtown. Above: The “Elettra” pendant comes in a variety of customizable options

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Georgetown-based Julie Conway walks a fine line between glass artist and lighting designer, creating both avant-garde installation pieces and approachable home decor. Her 18-year-old company, Illuminata, launched its most recent collection in April. The Lumi product line showcases Conway’s goal to “transform a space using patterns of light and shadow.” In addition to customizable “Elettra” pendant lights and “Serafina” table lamps, the collection includes clear, crackled-glass “Acqua” sconces ($690) that convey elegance without sacrificing functionality. Check them out at the Four Seasons’ restaurant Goldfinch Tavern (downtown), or find them—alongside the rest of the Lumi collection—at luxury lighting store Lawrence & Scott (Georgetown).

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