SODO Apparel Lands Outside Westlake Center

Look for this tricked out shipping container outside of Westlake Center until February 10

If you’ve driven by or ambled past Westlake Center recently, you’ve probably noticed a huge shipping container kitted out for SODO Apparel, new men’s fitness clothing company. (Unless you’ve been distracted by the new Zara’s progress, there’s been some movement on that front—stay tuned for a big announcement SOON!!)

SODO Apparel is owned by childhood best friends Mark Nelson and Lars Haneberg who saw an opportunity to fill a premium fitness brand void specifically for men who might not be inclined to wear Lululemon. 

All SODO Apparel items, beginning with the eight-piece SODO OTG (On the Go) collection launched in August 2012, are manufactured in Spokane with high performance tech fabrics and feature a “dashboard” with care instructions and a QR code to purchase the style in other colors right there on the spot. That’s pretty darn smart when you think about it.

The container will be at Westlake until February 10, when it returns to its permanent home in SoDo. A brick and mortar store is on the books for this summer.