Spamalot Comes to Town, Comedy Aplenty at the “I Hate Children” Children’s Magic Show

Must Watch
Catch a Flick at the Asian American Film Festival
(2/2 to 2/9, times vary) — This annual festival screens shorts, features and documentaries by and about Asian Americans, including basketball phenom Jeremy Lin (Linsanity) and a young Cambodian struggling to get out of a Seattle gang and become a break dancer (Raskal Love).

Must Walk
Celebrate the 2nd Annual Stairway Walks Day
(2/8, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.) — Feet First, the local organization that promotes walkability, hosts its Stairway Walks Day, in which scads of neighborhood walking ambassadors will lead 18 family-friendly, simultaneous and super scenic walks in Bellevue, Burien and Seattle.

Must Laugh
Hilarity Ensues at the “I Hate Children” Children’s Show
(2/8 to 2/23, times vary) — Billed as “dangerous comedy and magic for teens, tweens, and hot soccer moms,” the “I Hate Children” children’s magic show at Hale’s Palladium promises clever magic tricks, witty banter and a personal insult for each child present.

Must Get Sporty
Where to Experience Russian Culture in Seattle
(2/7 to 2/23, times vary) — The XXII Olympic Winter Games kick off on February 7. Catch the Olympic spirit without making the trek to Sochi.

Must See
Spamalot Coconut Clops into Town
(Through 3/2, times vary) — Finally, King Arthur and the Knights Who Say Ni have coconut-clopped into Seattle to present Spamalot, the musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.