Spotlight on: Uxibal

The Trenza cut-out boot, $240

Meet Uxibal (ooh-she-bal), a Guatemalan-based footwear and accessory line created by Seattleite Britini Port. I could swear that I wrote about this company when it hit my radar in September, but I must have let it slip away from me. Let me remedy that.

Port launched Uxibal in 2012 as away to combine her love of traditional Guatemalan textiles and desire to help disadvantaged Mayan women with financial security. What has emerged is an on-trend collection of shoes, boots and other accessories that are made with quality materials by excellent craftswomen.

I’m in love with many items from the line’s spring 2014 collection including the Trenza boot (see photo above)—perfect for our weird in between weather from winter to spring and spring to summer, as well as the studded D’Orsay flats


and Animal tote,


both of which add a bit of depth to styles that are familiar, yet totally now.