Stand In Line For A Cronut? No Way! Not When We Can DIY

Leslie Kelly

So, who’s tried a cronut? The pastry hybrid smash sensation from Dominque Bakery New York City that has been causing otherwise sane people to stand in line for hours, just hoping they won’t be told: “Sorry, we’re sold out.”

No? Me neither. I’m not much for waiting around for food, a non-aerobic exercise that makes me very cranky.  

But no worries, because I stumbled onto a groovy DIY cronut demo on Seattle-based That site is driven by recipes from home cooks (the buttermilk pancakes in a blender is one of my weekend go-to’s), but the number of video cooking demos guided by pros is growing and I found the Cronuts how-to on the All Recipes channel on the Channel Store of Roku. It's also online, along with loads of other interesting stuff to watch.

In under five minutes, you learn a streamlined variation of the original recipe, which takes two days to make from scratch. This condensed version uses Crescent Roll dough. But, hey, under a glossy finish of chocolate ganache, who’s gonna know? Sure beats standing in line, right?

Then again, if you really want to treat yourself, why not just go get one of the amazing croissants made in the excellent bakeries around Seattle? My favorite places for that buttery, flaky, half-moon-shaped, pain-in-the-neck-to-make bites of blissful goodness: Café Besalu, Bakery Nouveau, Dahlia Bakery, Honore, Le Rêve, Macrina, Le Panier and... you fill in the blank.