Sugar Mt. Bake Shop Finds Temporary Home at Pasta & Co.

Julien Perry
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Lucy Damkoehler wants to feed you desserts at Pasta & Co.

Some sweet and sour news pertaining to desserts here in Seattle.

First the sour: Sugar Mt. Bake Shop is no longer in the plans to be part of Kurt Dammeier’s smoked meats emporium, Max’s, slated to open in South Lake Union early next year. Dammeier needs the space for extra seating, so the bakeshop will have to find another home (SLU is the goal!). Also, nobody wants cakes that taste like a bonfire, am I right?

Now, the sweet stuff: In the interim, Sugar Mt. Bakeshop has found a home at Pasta & Co., another arm of Dammeier’s empire. 

Pastry doyenne Lucy Damkoehler also does the desserts for Dammeier’s Liam’s in U-Village and Bennett’s on Mercer Island, where artificial colors, flavoring and preservatives are all no-nos. Now, she gets a spotlight all her own. 

“The one thing I’m really excited about that’s currently different from Pasta & Co. is the cakes — we can slice them in order to sell individual slices of cakes.”

As for what’s in store. Damkoehler, who has also honed her skills at TASTE and Mistral Kitchen, tells me about a German chocolate bar that’s a cross between a candy bar and cake. She’s also doing a lemon olive oil cake and a raspberry mousse cake — both available by the slice. Check out the entire menu

To avoid any freakouts, Damkoehler is keeping one Pasta & Co. cheesecake and the famous coconut layer cake, “I think I’d have my head cut off if I took it away!”

But what excites me most is the peanut butter and jelly cake that stems from Damkoehler’s time at TASTE. It’s a frozen concoction featuring peanut butter bread with peanut butter mousse, strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream.

“Some of the desserts I do are a little different. The Pasta & Co. crowd is a little, ‘What is this?’ but then they eat it and it’s good.”

The official Pasta & Co. pop-up launch happens today at the Bellevue location (10218 N.E. 8th). Damkoehler will be sampling her wares from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or whenever the pastries run out). As an extra bonus, all desserts are 10% off. Same goes for tomorrow at the U-Village location.

Damkoehler says they hope to have a permanent space for Sugar Mt. Bake Shop within the next seven to 12 months, right around the time Max’s is hoping to open.