Summer Skin Savers

All in One Refresh Gel from Koh Gen Do, $38 at Barneys

No matter how often I apply and reapply sunscreen, all that exposure to the blaring sun takes its toll on my skin, reddening it like a lobster. But it's not like I'm going to stay inside on these beautiful days—a girl needs her vitamin D. The reps from my favorite luxe skin care line, Koh Gen Do sent over a timely email extolling the virtues of two new products, perfect for soothing sizzled skin. Their All in One Refresh Gel, made with healing aloe, cooling mineral-rich hot spring water and refreshing essential oils of bergamot and tea tree has all your need to hydrate and protect over-exposed shoulders.


Stash a bottle of the Refresh Spa Lotion in the fridge, and in the midst of the heat wave, when you think you can't stand it anymore, pull it out and liberally mist yourself into cool oblivion.