Tabby Cat's Purrrfect Pickles

Leslie Kelly
Pickles Seattle
Catherine Brooke Barrows of Tabby Cat Pickling Co.

Back in December, I half-jokingly declared that 2013 was going to be the Year of The Pickle, but that whimsical, prediction is turning out to be dead serious.

As evidence, may I present the Pickle on a Stick? I’ve been spotting them around the city, at various farmers markets. And, yes, there was that savory, extremely portable snack at last weekend’s Fremont Soltice celebration, being sold by the Tabby Cat Pickling Co., the mom-and-pop operation with the cutest dang kitty in a bow tie and top hat on its label.

Catherine Brooke Barrows, aka Pickle Packin’ Mamma, launched this briny startup in 2010 after working for a beer distributor; some of her former accounts were among her first and most enthusiastic customers, which is lucky for those of us who order a Bloody Mary and long for the crunchy tart garnishes.

You’ll find Tabby Cat’s pickled asparagus and other assorted pucker-inducing veggies at Hale’s, 9 Million and newish and super stylish Wine Tea Chocolate in Fremont as well as adorning drinks at various Linda Derschang watering holes.

“We use Tabby Cat's pickled asparagus, carrots and green beans in our Bloody Marys," says Tony Lombardi, bar manager at King’s Hardware. "We love the texture and presentation, the pickled vegetables are always crunchy and the consistency is really dependable. Plus [Tabby Cat Pickiling Co.] couldn't have nicer people and [it] uses really great produce."

Barrows has done a series of beer pairing events with Tabby Cat’s line of relish, too. She is also working on a new tartar sauce, featuring its perky pickles.

I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on this Cat!