Three Cheers for Ice Cream: Lick Pure Creamery

By Seattle Mag

July 1, 2013

Tasty cool treats on Capitol Hill

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue of Seattle Magazine.

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Andrea Coan

Seattle does not suffer from a lack of really good ice cream, but one lick (sorry!) of Lick and it’s clear that Michael Avery does things a little differently. At his small counter inside Zaw Pizza on Capitol Hill, Avery scoops decadent frozen cream so dense, so heavy on the tongue, the ice cream tastes as if it’s made entirely of whipping cream. And those flavors: pork belly pecan, which, I assure you, doesn’t shy away from tasting like hog; red ginger, just like the pickled ginger served with sushi; and grilled pineapple coconut and cardamom, a taste of Hawaii if ever I’ve had one (scoops are $3.50/single and $7/double). Then there’s the M2, a flavor so mysterious—malt ball and marshmallow? Cookies and caramel? Avery refuses to divulge what’s in it (believe me, I tried to make him tell)—yet so irresistible that it outsells the other flavors three to one. Think you’ve got a bead on Seattle’s best ice cream? Think again. Tue.–Sun., 1–10 p.m. Capitol Hill, 1424 E Pine St.; 206.478.3829;


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