Tom Douglas’s TanakaSan Opens Tonight at Via6

By Seattle Mag

June 10, 2013


Sneaky, sneaky.

Tom Douglas and Co. quietly teased the opening of TanakaSan on their Twitter last night: 

Anyone want to dine with us tomorrow? followed by a confirmation:

We’ll be open for the first time tomorrow night starting at 5pm

It’s on! Today’s the day!

No website or menu appear online yet, but those dumplings up there sure look tender and tasty. Plus: look for ramen, robata skewers cooked over charcoal, rice bowls, and something they’re calling the Osaka pancake (a take on okonomiyaki?). Hungry yet?

And…neighboring Assembly Juice & Coffee opened Friday. Did someone say Five Spice Pound Cake?

First time you’re hearing about TanakaSan and the Assembly Hall projects? Read more on Tom Douglas’s Via6 projects–collectively called Assembly Hall–right over here.


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