Top Chef and Cheezburger? Bravo Hearts Seattle

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November 7 will be quite the day for raising the Emerald City's national profile; Bravo is debuting, not only the much buzzed about Top Chef Seattle, but also a new "doc-com" about Seattle-based entertainment site, I Can Has Cheezburger?

Aptly dubbed LOLwork, the reality show enters the world of Ben Huh and his quirky staff at Cheezburger, best known for funny (and grammatically incorrect) captions overlaid on cute photos and videos of cats and other pets (see also: FailBlog, TheDailyWhat, Memebase). The general premise: witness the shockingly banal (and therefore human) story of how viral internet content gets made.

The show appears to be edited very much in the style of The Office or TMZTV, featuring solo interviews, fast zoom cuts and true-life dialogue. A rep for the show confirms that all cast members are real employees at Cheezburger, and the show was filmed entirely in Seattle this year.

Watch this teaser in which they ponder whether or not it's acceptable to feature a picture of a dead cat.

Reality TV and LOLcats: Seattle's biggest cultural export since Grunge? We'll see...

A synopsis of the first episode from Bravo:

In the premiere episode, the staff at Cheezburger competes to create a new comedic web series for the site. It is winner-take-all as good judgment and occasional good taste go out the window on the quest to be the best in kitty humor.

LOLwork debuts on Bravo, Wednesday 11pm ET/PT; more info at