Top Chef Seattle Debuts in November, But Where's the Local Talent?

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Hello, hello. Master of the Obvious here to report that Bravo has just "revealed" that Season 10 of Top Chef will be located in Seattle. Herm... I think a little birdy might've broken that news earlier this summer?

The show debuts November 7th at 10pm. And naturally, first thing I did when I got the press release was search the lineup for a local cheftestant.

But, wow. Not only are there no Seattle chefs competing, there's no one from Portland, no one from Idaho, or Montana, or anywhere in the entire left-upper hunk of the US. Well represented: Dallas, with three chefs, and Colorado, also with three.

One has to assume this is strategy, right? You can't have 20 cheftestants with fraidy-cat eyes and one confidant nodder--figures, he's from Seattle--when the inevitable geoduck challenge gets popped. Plus the producers have to pitch Colicchio that treat-the-product-with-respect lob, an opportunity to smack down some Texan for not knowing how to cook Alaskan sockeye properly.

So, I guess all that's left is to decide what our Top Chef Seattle drinking games should be. A couple of options: Joke about how it's always raining? DRINK. Mentions of Starbucks/coffee: Drink. "Funny" mispronunciations of local town names? Gotta run. I need to stock my bar.