Transportation Tidbit: Only You Can Report Potholes!

If you've ever dropped a tire into a spine-rattling pothole, you understand why SDOT's stated goal is to "repair potholes within three business days of receiving a report." The city's three roving "Pothole Ranger" crews fill about 10,000 potholes every year. To see if your favorite local pothole is slated for repair, visit SDOT's handy pothole map.

To report a pothole, call 206.684-ROAD (7623) or fill out the online form.

This tidbit was originally published in our March 2012 cover story, about Seattle's transportation conundrums. Read more stories, including Knute Berger's musing on Seattle's need of a "transportation fat camp," Joe Follansbee on the infamous stalled Seattle process and Jordan Royer on what Seattle's transportation decisions mean for the entire state. Also: we got charts!