Get ready for the rebooted show's Sunday debut with this mini tour.

Rising stars from culture, tech and global health come together for a one-of-a-kind conversation.

Local actor and drag performer Jerick Hoffer, a.k.a.

Seattle-based retail giant just launched a national ad for its Kindle Paperwhite. The star of the ad isn't the new e-reader, though.

Let’s be clear: Scientist Ranae Holland, who can be seen on the Animal Planet reality show Finding Bigfoot tromping around various woods, sporting night-vision gogs and listening carefully to weird sounds, absolutely does

Hey, Top Chef! How about you pack up your knives and go home?

Really, I'm over it, aren't you? This season, shot last summer in Seattle, is a big bust. It hurts my eyeballs to watch and stabs at my civic pride.

In case the weekend shut-ins among us need a little help rounding off the perfect horror movie marathon. (Watch at your own discretion – we can’t be responsible for any “accidents.”)

Listed in no particular order:

Thanks to an unexpected office rivalry, I find myself properly hooked on the X Factor, another Simon Cowell singing contest that

Last night's X Factor episode was bumped to a delayed baseball game (woe!), so we have to wait until tonight to really deliberate over which Seattle contestant is the best.

In regard to Bond Huberman's earlier post cheering on Phillip Lomax, the young Seattle singer who's currently a competitor on Simon Cowell'