Union Gospel Mission Launches Clothing Line

The Other Like Us collection from Union Gospel Mission

On March 7, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is releasing Others Like Us (OLU), the charitable organization’s first-ever apparel collection intended to bring a more human face to the issue of homelessness in our city.

The inaugural OLU collection includes t-shirts, a hoodie and hats, ranging in prince form $14 to $35. Designs include the faces of the homeless that OLU serves, the OLU logo and the words ‘Just Love’, an important reminder meant to break through the stigma of homelessness and bring people closer to each other. Each season will feature different designs and colors, but quantities are limited, so start your collection early.

The Union Gospel Mission is a Christian organization that began as a soup kitchen during the depression, saving the souls and feeding the bellies of homeless and unemployed men. Today they’re still saving souls and feeding bellies, but their program has vastly expanded to include women, youth and people suffering from addiction.