Update! More Tenants Confirmed at The Armory, Seattle Center's Remodeled Food Court

| Updated: November 27, 2018

More tenants have been confirmed for the Armory at Seattle Center's Center House: Eltana, Pie, Sweet Treats, MOD Pizza & more!

In addition to these three local favorites, the roster for The Armory’s new food offerings now includes Ceres Roasting Company, The Confectional, Dante’s Inferno Dogs, Bigfood and Bean Sprout, which are expected to be moved in by the Northwest Folklife Festival (Memorial Day weekend). MOD Pizza and Skillet, who will be occupying larger spaces, are on track to be open around June.

Skillet’s Josh Henderson says that he is in discussions to bring in a European-style night market as well, with farmers and artisan craftsmen.

Though he had expressed some earlier interest, Ethan Stowell says he is not seriously entertaining the idea anymore of joining. He says the committee wanted him to take on a very large space that he isn’t ready to invest in.