Updated: A Sneak Peek at our Second Annual Food Establishment List

Leslie Kelly
Mark Klebeck David Lynch
Filmmaker David Lynch with Top Pot's Mark Klebeck

Have you seen the April issue of Seattle magazine yet? Drool!!

Not only do Allison Austin Scheff and Sara Dickerman walk you through the ideal places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in their fun-to-read Best Restaurants coverage, there’s also the second annual Food Establishment list to devour and debate about.

Lemme tell you, this list was mighty carefully considered.

While researching those culinary movers and shakers for this story I co-wrote with Ali, I learned so much about what's going on around the ever-shifting culinary landscape of Seattle. Was especially thrilled to hear about all the cool projects in the works. To get the full skinny, you’ll need to pick up a copy, but here are a few choice tidbits to tempt you:

Kurt Dammeier, Beecher’s top dog, is opening an 11,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar version of the Maximus-Minimus food truck in the super hot South Lake Union (near Whole Foods) in 2014 and this year, a spot in U-Village.

UPDATED: Top Pot's Mark Klebeck recently got to hang with one of his heros, filmmaker David Lynch, who's a huge fan of those hand-forged doughnuts. "We served doughnuts at the L.A. premiere of his documentary called Meditation Creativity Peace," said Klebeck, adding that meeting Lynch was a dream come true: "The experience made my decade!"

Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s march toward creating a hyper-local utopia in Maltby now involves keeping a flock of chickens for eggs that go into the custard-y frozen sweet stuff Barry Bettinger and his small crew create.

Speaking of ice cream, Molly Moon Neitzel has created a charitable fund named for her late sister, Anna. The Anna Banana fund helps families in need with milk purchases. Sweet!

Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi (Revel, Joule) have a dishwasher wannabe in the family. Their son, Pike, loves hanging out in the dish pit.

The James Beard award-winning dynamo Maria Hines recently introduced tasting menus for vegans and gluten-sensitive diners at her flagship restaurant, Tilth.

And, finally, Lara Hamilton has launched an online store for Book Larder, so far-flung fans can order the rare, vintage finds as well as signed copies of all sorts of cookbooks.

Doesn’t that make you hungry to read more?

The April issue is not available online. To read the Food Establishmnet list, pick up a print copy of the April issue, available on newsstands now, or download the tablet version from the Kindle store.