Is Warm the new Kai? And Other Fragrance News

Slather this on and be transported to a tropical isle

There was a day when you couldn’t shop a boutique that didn’t have the Kai line of perfume, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, even deodorant. This blend of exotic flowers, reminiscent of gardenia, jasmine, plumaria and pikake is a winner and appeals to a broad range of women. Everyone loves it. New to the boutique perfume market is Warm, another scent inspired by sweetly scented tropical breezes, redolent of bergamot, musk, lemon, lily and patchouli, similar to Kai, but smoother, earthier and somehow…warmer. Sway and Cake is the only shop in town to stock this new sensation. The fragrance oil comes in a roll on bottle for easy application is $40 and the body oil is $50.




Starting this December, Show Pony’s got a new scent from indie perfume house Juliette Has a Gun.  Mad Madame, $135, created by Romano Ricci, the great grandson of designer Nina Ricci is a seriously heady blend of green chypre, a slight rose tinge, along with black currant bud absolute and a dash of something called Ambroxan, a synthetic alternative to ambergris.  This scent is not for the shy, retiring type. It’s a provocative showstopper.


I have an iconic black Issey Miyake perma-crinkled tee shirt that I try to wear as often as I can because I love it so. And now I feel the same about the Japanese designers newest fragrance, Pleats Please, with notes of nashi (a hybrid fruit somewhere between a pear and an apple), peony, sweet pea, ending with cedar, patchouli, vanilla and white musk. It’s mellow, sweet, voluptuous and only available at Nordstrom starting December 26. Prices range from $40 for body lotion to $92 for a 3.3 ounce bottle of eau de toilette.