Warning: May Cause Daydreaming. Our 'Mountain Guide'

Mount Rainier
I will be with you shortly, Rainier

Days like today remind me of how easy it is to take our mountains for granted. Just yesterday, driving across the lake, I got a great big mountain in my eye; Mount Rainier in all its glory, sun glancing off of glaciers, etc. etc. Today, no sign of it...except on the cover of our May issue!

Our Mountain Guide is a huge round up of our beloved local peaks, and great ways to enjoy them, from scenic drives to ski adventures, to butt-kicking clambers. Love mountains enough to buy land? We've got info. Worried about volcanoes? Bears? Yeti? We address those concerns, too. Click on a few links (below) and check it out...then pray for a little sun and plan a day-trip foray to explore. Enjoy!

9 Can't-miss Peaks:From irresistable Mount Rainier to restless Mount St. Helens, a peek at our favorite snow-capped goliaths 

Local Ski Resorts & Crowd-Free Trails: Six hot spots for going downhill this ski season and less crowded alternatives to the usual trails

Mountain Lore: From canyon to cave, the Sasquatch legend persists

Thar She Blows! A Glance at Washington's volcanos: Eye-popping mountain views come with a serious price tag

When Animals Attack: From experienced to novice, remember: safety first!

5 Driveable Summits: Some people respond to the call of the wild with a sharpened stick and a bag of granola

New to the Outdoors? Our 101 on Getting Started: We navigate where and how to get started on your beginner mountain treks

Washington's Mountain Vacation Homes: Looking for a vacation home or a weekend rental close to the mountains? Here's an idea of what's available