West Seattle Junction's Tax Free Day

Dagney Canvas sneakers from Tretorn ($70) at Edie's

I’m a West Seattle girl and I love my West Seattle shopping. But I realize that many people think West Seattle is too far away or hard to find to warrant a visit. Which is totally not the case, it’s actually quite easy to get to via both I-5 and 99, and the Junction (the crossroads of California Ave. SW and SW Alaska St.) is a direct shot up from the bridge and requires practically no navigation to get to. Plus, there’s ample free parking in conveniently placed lots throughout the neighborhood. Free. Easy. Parking. Where else do you see that in this town?

So, if you’re down to discover a vibrant part of the city that you have been afraid of up until now, come by on Saturday, April 20 for Tax Free Day, where most Junction merchants will be offering 10 percent off storewide, as well as other discounts and deals, in the spirit of sticking it to the Man, who may or may not have just stuck it to you via your tax return.

Click here for a list of participating merchants, who include Edie’s Shoes, Capers, Bakery Nouveau, Click! Design That Fits and many more.

Why? Because tax-free shopping is awesome. And because hey, no matter how far away you think West Seattle is, it’s much closer than Portland.