What You Missed at Seattle mag's The Forecast

Don't mind if I toot our own horn, but The Forecast fashion show at Benaroya Hall last night (a first-time endeavor for Seattle mag in theme and format) was a hoot. The crowd was lively (and impeccably dressed); the drinks were strong (sorry for Tweeting too much); and the concept delivered: the spectacle of high fashion met the practical needs of life in the Northwest, where we actually like to move around in the clothing we buy.

The show was inspiring for someone like me, even, who treats fashion a bit more like rigid commandments (shirt + pants = no jail time) instead of a creative canvas.

But thanks to the playful, risky and innovative combinations that appeared in nearly 60 individual looks on the runway last night, outerwear seems less like a cumbersome means to survive and more like unexplored territory where sex appeal, color, texture and glamor lie waiting to be discovered.

In other words, I'll never take a raincoat for granted ever again.

Kudos to fashion/lifestyle editor Kate Calamusa who hosted, Terri Morgan who produced the show, all of the incredible local retailers who supplied the looks and, of course, the entire Inside Seattle team who dealt with an endless list of details! Plus, all of our sponsors.

Here are some highlights of what we saw in the women's clothing (designers/retailers noted in captions), plus some of the buzz that was circulating in the Twittersphere. More coverage to come in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

David Lawrence

Wraphabillement, Baby & Co. and Report Shoes


David Lawrence

Horseshoe, Wraphabillement, Nube Green

Horseshoe, Snowboard Connection

David Lawrence, Report Shoes

Luly Yang Couture, Seattle E-Bike

What they've been saying on Twitter:

Ethanator18: Seattle Mag put on #seamagforecast, the Seattle take on fashion. Was awesome and great fun. Really well done.

kcalamusa: Natalie @swinkstylebar told me that Swink styles are like lasagna - better the next day. So true, still rockin my #seamagforecast 'do

jennajshin: Celebrating a successful #seamagforecast with the @InsideSeattle team! @SeaMag_Deco tried to order sweet potato jojos. Called them hohos.

iva_jean: @insideseattle Love all the looks but street style made my night - you can always count on @snocon

BettyRayStewart: The only thing missing from #seamagforecast was an appearance from everyone's favorite weatherman Steve Poole

lilagetty: @Seattlemag Brilliant work! You are creative geniuses! Loved every minute of the Forecast. So fun & inspiring! Stay lovely, Lil

Ethanator18: Thunderstruck by ACDC to start off the show for #seamagforecast Awesome!


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