西雅图首家专注亚洲人的养老社区 Seattle’s First Asian-Focused Assisted Living Community

乐叙之家 (Aegis Garden) 强调天人合一和风水,门口的莲花池展现金、木、水、火、土五行的平衡

经过7年的紧密筹备,Aegis Garden(乐叙之家)终于在2018年2月盛大开业了!坐落在贝尔维尤以东的Newcastle市美丽的Boren湖湖畔,乐叙之家是太平洋西北地区第一家专注中国人的高端养老院,但它又不仅仅是个养老社区,也旨要成为"整个西北地区的亚洲文化中心", Aegis创始人和CEO Dwayne Clark如是说。

没有哪里比这个地方更适合做Aegis的院址了,因为这里对华人有着特殊的意义。19世界末期,一些华人矿工在一条小溪边安家,"China Creek"(中国溪)也由此得名,而它就从社区的边上流过。Clark说这就是命运的安排。




虽然是为中国人打造的养老中心,乐叙之家欢迎所有希望在他们所提供的奢华温馨的环境里了解并庆祝亚洲文化、美食和装饰的人们来安享晚年。Newcastle, 13056 SE 76th St; 425.903.3530; aegisliving.com/aegis-gardens

English Version

Aegis Garden, the Northwest’s first Asian-focused assisted living, not only provides a home in luxury, but also a community that celebrates Chinese and Asian culture

After almost seven years of preparation, the moment finally arrived for Aegis Garden to celebrate its grand opening in February 2018. Located by beautiful Lake Boren in Newcastle, WA, just east of Seattle, Aegis Garden is the first Asian-focused assisted living community in the Pacific Northwest. It was designed to be more than just assisted living as “the cultural epicenter for Asian communities throughout the Northwest”, according to Aegis Living co-founder and CEO Dwayne Clark.

Aegis couldn’t have picked a better site. The location holds a special meaning for the Chinese community. China Creek, named after a settlement camp for Chinese mine workers in the late 19th century, runs alongside the community. Clark says they were destined to build the community here.

From architecture to décor, the designs of this $54 million award-winning community follow the principles of Feng Shui. Two Chinese lions stands on guard at the community entrance to ward off bad luck. The sweeping entry to the building includes an interior Zen garden and a pond with lotus flowers that reflect the laws of Karma. Most furniture and artifacts were purchased from China.

To bring their residents unique cultural experience and joy, Aegis Garden provides a suite of amenities, including an outdoor amphitheater, swimming pool, spa, tea rooms, a huge banquet room for events and celebrations, family kitchen and private dining rooms, a culture center, a children’s preschool that provides intergenerational interactions, gaming and crafts rooms, a tournament ping-pong area, lecture and performance areas, a massage/acupuncture room, walking paths with exercise equipment along the way, and more.

Aegis Garden’s love and care towards their residents is in full display throughout, in addition to 24-hour care provided by their professional and compassionate bilingual or multilingual staff. Waist-high “wall shelves” in the hallways—designed to be support railings while maintaining a sense of home rather than having the look and feel of a hospital or a nursing home, where metal bars are the norm. In memory care rooms, different colored toilet seat covers are used to help residents who have vision impairments. And there are lots of fun details that make you smile—the Mahjong room cleverly uses Mahjong tiles as the backsplash over the sink.

Even though designed with Chinese focus in mind, Aegis Garden welcomes residents of all races who want to embrace and celebrate Asian culture, cuisine, and décor in a luxury environment.