2018 Sound Food Uprising Summit

The 2018 Sound Food Uprising Summit will bring food system stakeholders together to reimagine a future Puget Sound food system that is transparent, inclusive and healthful. We'll hear big ideas, eat great food, and explore ways food is the central ingredient to social justice. During the event we plan to talk about initiatives like the Pure Food Kids Workshop (that has now taught nearly 120,000 4th and 5th graders how to be “food detectives” when it comes to reading food labels, and how to cook from scratch (including knife skills!)) and the launch of a new adult program, Sound Food Uprising. The event will also launch a ten year initiative in the Puget Sound region to change the demand for unhealthy food.

The event will feature speakers including Ethan Stowell, Tom Douglas, Eu-wanda Eagans, Dr. Ben Danielson, and many more. There will also be interactive food adventures including a food memory booth and pop-ups from The Pantry, Book Larder, Evergreens, and Firefly Kitchens. We’ll conclude with a cocktail reception featuring the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. This all-day event is open to the public and the $60 entry fee includes breakfast and lunch catered by The Butcher's Table and a cocktail hour. 

For tickets and more information, please visit www.soundfooduprisingsummit.org.

155 N 35th Street
Seattle, WA
United States
Inside Seattle