Local home in Fremont neighborhood, Seattle

After a decade and a half of dealing with drafty windows and one too many system failures, a Seattle couple made the move to update their cherished View Ridge home

Beautiful, large home on Whidbey Island

A couple of Seattle artists find work-life balance among the trees in this forest retreat on Whidbey Island

A Seattle couple treats their Queen Anne house to a modern makeover honoring its Prairie School past

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A couple’s San Juan Island campsite turns into the home of their dreams—30 years in the making

When an unsightly garage brought her down, a Sunset Hill woman built it up

In a Seattle tiny house village, two shelters work together to offer more than just a place to call home

A couple rebuilds a 1940s house into an easy-to-live-in urban farmhouse.

A floating home on Lake Union provides everyday peace and a place to entertain.

This Danish-inspired Hood Canal getaway offers year-round relaxation.