12 Local Spirits You Must Taste

Our picks for the Washington state top shelf.

Ebb+Flow Vodka

A big, full-bodied vodka whose 100-percent malted barley construction doesn’t keep it from leaving a little sweetness and vanilla on the tongue.
Sound Spirits, Interbay, 1630 15th Ave. W; drinksoundspirits.com

Headlong White Dog Whiskey

An unaged whiskey, this dog cuddles up close with its bright combination of butter cream, grain and smooth spiciness.
Woodinville Whiskey Company; Woodinville, 16110 Woodinville-Redmond Road NE, Suite 3; woodinvillewhiskeyco.com

Legacy Vodka

This rich, all-organic vodka boasts a hint of citrus and vanilla blooming alongside its wheat base.
Bainbridge Organic Distillers; Bainbridge Island, 9727 Coppertop Loop NE; bainbridgedistillers.com

Pacifique Absinthe

Transport yourself to turn-of-the-century France with this absinthe’s classical mix of anise, fennel, wormwood and other spices.
Pacific Distillery; Woodinville, 18808 142nd Ave. NE, #4B; pacificdistillery.com

Grappa Giallo

Aging six months in French oak gives this grappa a unique personality that brings apples, pears and fresh hay together.
Soft Tail Spirits; Woodinville, 14356 Woodinville-Redmond Road; softtailspirits.com

Washington Wheat Whiskey

Wheat notes abound in this easygoing whiskey, socializing with hints of toffee, oak and a long pepper-dotted finale.
Dry Fly Distilling; Spokane, 1003 E Trent, #200; dryflydistilling.com

Voyager Dry Gin

This London dry-style gin is in the traditional manner, with a confident juniper top end underlined by citrus and spice suggestions.
Pacific Distillery; Woodinville, 18808 142nd Ave. NE, #4B; pacificdistillery.com

Samish Bay Whiskey

A welcoming single-malt whiskey that has a pleasing grain and oak taste, and a smoothness that is both mixable and sippable.
Golden Distillery Bow, 9746 Samish Island Road; goldendistillery.com

Skip Rock Vodka

This singular vodka utilizes Yukon gold potatoes, which add an elemental complexity that finishes briskly and a touch sweet.
Skip Rock Distillers; Snohomish, 104 Ave. C; skiprockdistillers.com

Chilean-style Brandy

A honey-colored brandy that isn’t shy about its grape and wine base, and that delivers a hint of a kick as it goes down.
It's Five O’clock Somewhere Distillery; Cashmere, 207 Mission Ave.; 5oclocksomewheredistillery.com

Hedge Trimmer Gin

In the classic style, this gin has a balanced juniper taste, underlined by herbal and spice notes, suitable for cocktails or sipping neat.
Sun Liquor Distillery Capitol Hill, 514 E Pike St.; sunliquor.com

Fremont Mischief Whiskey

With a rye base, this whiskey, aged for eight years in Canada, features spiciness mingling with oak and a sweet vanilla and caramel finale.
Mischief Distillery Fremont, 132 N Canal St.; fremontmischief.com