2013 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30


!--paging_filter--pTuck a gift card into a canoe pencil case, $23, with pencils, $10, both from Fleurt (West Seattle, 4536 California Ave. SW; 206.937.1103; a href="http://www.fleurtseattle.com" target="_blank"fleurtseattle.com/a). Everyone needs a place to jot down their deep thoughts: Compendium journals, $6.95, at Fireworks (multiple locations including Westlake Center, 400 Pine St.; 206.682.6462; a href="http://www.fireworksgallery.net" target="_blank"fireworksgallery.net/a) are just the spot. brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_30giftguide_journal.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="267" width="400"brThrill the kiddos with a stocking overflowing with sweet treats. Vanilla bean sugar cookies with vanilla royal icing by Seattle-based Flour De Lis (large cookies, $45/dozen, small cookies $24/two dozen; online orders only, at a href="http://www.flourdeliscc.com" target="_blank"flourdeliscc.com/a). brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_christmascookies.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="266" width="400"brFill a small pouch with affirmational tokens or good luck charms. Leather pouch, $10, available at Guesthouse (Madison Park, 4110 E Madison St.; 206.462.1351; a href="http://www.guesthouseseattle.com" target="_blank"guesthouseseattle.com/a). Affirmation tokens, $3.95, from Capers (West Seattle, 4525 California Ave. SW; 206.932.0371; a href="http://www.caperscapers.blogspot.com" target="_blank"caperscapers.blogspot.com/a). brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_giftguide_tokens.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="600" width="400"brThe Pebble, $18, by Material Good (makers of the Little Shirley vase) is perfectly sweet, especially when filled with a small bloom. Available at a href="http://www.seattlemag.com/fleurt" target="_blank"Fleurt/a. brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_giftguide_vase.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="267" width="400"brLip balm in old-school slider tins covered in a circa 1899 Seattle map or charming, illustrated animal friends, $5.50, from Laura Bee Designs (Ballard, 6418 20th Ave. NW; 206.789.4044; a href="http://www.laurabeedesigns.com" target="_blank"laurabeedesigns.com/a). brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_giftguide_lipbalm.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="266" width="400"brLight the winter darkness with affordable soy wax candles from Ballard-based Torch Illumination Co., $10, ata href="http://www.seattlemag.com/ludlow-home" target="_blank" Ludlow Home/a.brimg src="/sites/default/files/newfiles/1213_giftguid_torch.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;" height="600" width="400"/p


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西雅图本土设计师Joy Egbejimba创立了奢华手包品牌Nuciano,打造让人脑洞大开而又精致讲究的设计。她闪亮的手包经常被好莱坞的精英们随身携带,包括这款采用多色水晶和24K金银搭配的“Peacock (孔雀)手包”;售价520美元。Nuciao网站有售,nuciano.com