4 Local Hangover Helpers

A few local post-holiday pick-me-ups
| Updated: November 27, 2018

The holidays can just leave you feeling a little–or a lot–worn down. It may be because of too much Christmas cheer, or too many jolly late nights, but if you’re dragging and need a pick-you-up, the below four local ideas may help put the zing back in your step.

Firefly Kitchen Probiotic Tonics: Seattle’s Firefly Kitchens is renowned for its raw and naturally preserved kimchis, krauts and more. It also has a line of Probiotic Tonics, also made through the fermentation process, which deliver lots of good bacteria, enzymes and probiotics. End result? Awesomely goodness-for-you in a bottle. They can ease your tummy back into shape, and help boost your energy. They can be drunk solo (a shot a day is one way to go), but also mixed into drinks. The range includes the likes of Classic Kraut and Caraway.

Chengdu Mary at Lionhead: This is only available during Sunday brunch, but Bloody Mary variants are legendary helpers, due to spice and vitamin C. This is an amazing version, too, which uses Chinese spirit Baijiu (a lesser-known spirit, which you should try–and Lionhead’s one of the few spots at which to try it), vodka, tomato juice, Chinese black vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, ginger, Sichuan pepper, and house chili oil. That’s a lot of swell spice combined with a double-spirit kick. It’s also, to add even more goodness, rimmed with Sichuan peppercorn salt and garnished with a pickled long bean, lemon, and a fresh chili pepper. Boom!

Fried Cheese Curds, Jude’s Old Town: There are only a few foods I crave when feeling the pull of few packed-with-fun weeks. The second is below. The first are these house-made fried bundles of amazing. Beecher’s cheese curds, a done-just-right peppery batter, fried delightful and hot, and accompanied by a creamy house ranch. They’ll make you feel better in no time – though to be safe (and especially if you’re sharing), I’d order two batches.

Huevos Ahogados, Senor Moose: From out of Mexico City, and served up nice and hot in Ballard, this beautifully brothy dish literally means “drowned eggs.” But if you’re feeling a bit under water, it’ll help bring you back to the surface. The key might be the spicy, rich, warming tomato broth, into which are placed two poached eggs (delivering a nice protein boost). But the poblano chili strips that accompany the eggs also help – you’ll savory each chili bite. To ensure you can mop up the final drops, it comes with freshly-grilled bread.