Amazon's Safer Delivery Service

Our local online retail giant pairs with 7-Eleven to deliver the goods.

The home of Slurpees, spicy hot dogs and Big Gulps is adding a new item to its shelves: whatever you just ordered from

The Seattle-based online retail behemoth is partnering with megachain 7-Eleven to install banks of delivery lockers inside the convenience stores with the intent of making package delivery secure and accessible for customers who can’t otherwise have parcels delivered safely (as is the case for many who live in apartments).

The program—slated to go nationwide next summer if the pilot phase is successful—works like this: When you place an order with Amazon, you’ll be given the option of having it dropped off at one of several participating 7-Eleven locations (at press time, the pilot program was being tested at only one store—at 1522 E Madison on Capitol Hill).

On the day your package arrives, Amazon e-mails you a barcode, which you print out, take to 7-Eleven and scan to receive a PIN number that opens the locker holding your delivery.

And if you’re compelled to grab a Twinkie on your way out, no one will be any the wiser.


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