April Brimer's Ceramics Combine Organic Shapes with Marbled Patterns

"The Pursuits of Happiness" line of ceramics is expressed via porcelain and stoneware clay slabs

In an age when all Instagram users fancy themselves photographers, artist April Brimer has “unfollowed.” Though she studied photography at Seattle Central College in 2007, she found herself drawn to a more 3-D medium about two years ago.

“Digital photography feels fleeting,” she says.“We’re bombarded by constant streams of imagery…it hardly seems to have any weight anymore.”

The weight of Brimer’s work is expressed in the porcelain and stoneware clay slabs she uses to create her signature ceramics. The line’s organic shapes (Brimer doesn’t use a pottery wheel) combined with their marbled patterns create pieces with the staying power she had been craving.

“It’s cool to see something I’ve created go into people’s homes and have this whole other life. It’s more fulfilling than images that kind of evaporate online.”

Available at Prism, Ballard, 5208 Ballard Ave. NW; 206.402.4706; and online at thepursuitsofhappiness.com