April Food News: The Pantry at Delancey Expands and Flying Squirrel Pizza Opens a Third Location

News, gossip and general musings on openings, closings and fanfare in seattle’s kitchens.

Brandon Pettit, pizzaiolo straordinario at Delancey (1415 NW 70th St.), is opening the pantry at delancey next month in a space just behind his pizzeria with co-owners Brandi Henderson, the executive pastry chef at Delancey, and Olaiya Land, a Seattle caterer who has cooked at La Medusa and Boat Street Kitchen. The Pantry will be a multi-use space suitable for cooking classes taught by local chefs or themed dinners for groups of as many as 20 people. A small retail space will sell knives, canning jars and other kitchen needs, and (this might be the best part) frozen cookie and pizza dough so we can all create some of that Delancey magic at home.


The Squirrel is going nuts! Last year, FLYING SQUIRREL PIZZA CO. owner Bill Coury opened his second pizzeria, adjacent to the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. The original Seward Park location remains hugely popular, and now comes word that Coury is expanding even farther north, replacing A New York Pizza Place in Maple Leaf with his third Flying Squirrel restaurant (8310 Fifth Ave. NE). Not only will North Enders get a taste of some seriously tasty pie (the pulled pork with cilantro and lime sounds crazy, I know, but it’s insanely good) in a dining room that’s kid friendly, but they’ll also have a short commute to pick up Molly Moon’s ice cream: The Squirrel stocks pints in a handful of flavors.