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The brilliant but short-lived dessert café Coco la ti da might have been ahead of its time (we miss you, Sue McCown!) but sweet tooths and carb lovers can still find plenty of treasures. Blogger, baker and eater extraordinaire Lorna Yee weighs in on Seattle's pastry scene.

Best Chocolate Desserts Even the gods couldn't resist

Bakery Nouveau

West Seattle; 4737 California Ave. SW; 206.923.0534

Who doesn't enjoy those creamy Ferrero Rocher chocolates in their cheery gold wrappers? Award-winning baker William Leaman seems to be a fan–his Praline Dream pastry features the same velvety hazelnut and chocolate flavors on a crisp feuilletine (think paper-thin cornflakes) base. And yes, it's even better than the original.

The Barking Frog

Woodinville; 14580 NE 145th