How Seattle Fares on Other People's Lists

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It’s nice being numero uno. But we can’t win ’em all. In 2010, Seattle was also Nos. 2 through 10 on a variety of lists whose main reasons for being are to drive up someone’s Web traffic. And if you’re wondering how we could be the fifth- and 10th-gayest city at the same time, just remember: You, too, can publish a list and use whatever criteria you desire to see how America’s cities measure up. Here are some of the lists Seattle made this year, and how we ranked on them.

We’re No. 1!

Most caffeinated cities in the U.S. (The Daily Beast)
Top time-saving cities (CNN Living)
Best places to live and boat (Boating)
Best cities for singles (Marie Claire)
Best cities for men (Men’s Health)
Riskiest cities for cybercrime (Sperling’s Best Places)
Most miserable sports cities (Forbes)
20 best cities to trick or treat (

We’re No. 2!
Best cities for the next decade (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance)
Least wasteful cities (Nalgene)
Top 10 wired cities (Business Facilities)

We’re No. 3!

America’s coolest cities (Forbes)
Top 10 aerospace/defense manufacturing cities (Business Facilities)

We’re No. 4!
Top 10 cities for single women (
America’s top 50 bike-friendly cities (Bicycling)
10 best cities to find a job (

We’re No. 5!

America’s top 20 gayest cities (The Daily Beast)
Top 21st-century buildings: Seattle Central Library (Vanity Fair)

We’re No. 6!

America’s 10 most walkable cities (
Top 10 greenest cities (Business Facilities)

We’re No. 7!

America’s best cities for young professionals (Forbes)

We’re No. 8!

America’s greenest cities (Popular Science)
Top 25 fittest cities (Men’s Fitness)
Top 25 arts destinations, large cities (American Style)

We’re No. 9!

America’s top 50 cities for working mothers (Forbes Woman)

We’re No. 10!
Gayest cities in America (The Advocate)
Best cities to start a business in as a young entrepreneur (
Top 25 cities for designers and artists (
Best cities for tracking snow removal online (