Worst of 2010

Our picks for the biggest blunders of the year
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Some things just don’t qualify for the “best” list. Here are 23 that are amusing, appalling, annoying or just plain asinine.

A really bad day: Dead man inside a parked car gets a ticket from Seattle meter maid.

Rhonda Breard, who took at least $12 million from local investors, is sentenced to about 3 million minutes in prison.

In case of emergent new idea, break glass: Proposed Chihuly glass museum beats out other proposals.

No sweat! Seattle has its worst summer in three decades.

Classiness is next to godliness: Conservative attack ad features Patty Murray sneakers stepping on a child’s back.

Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu is shown the door (the same one Junior bolted through two months earlier).

Noooooooooooooooo! Sounders FC trades Freddie Ljungberg to Chicago.

Next up on Dancing with McGinn: the tunnel two-step. Monorail redux?

Authorities close the South Park Bridge for reasons of decrepitude. (Inexplicably, decrepit Mariners stay open for business.)   

Shoe, meet other foot: Chatty TV legal analyst Anne Bremner is pulled over for DUI, doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business.

Bad dream(liner): Delivery of Boeing’s 787 is delayed yet again.

Who gets the damage deposit? City says 9-year-old McGuire Apartments tower is unsafe and may be razed.

Driving us over the edge: Mayor’s proposed parking-fee increases would make Seattle pricier than Manhattan.

We could have driven to the Olympics faster than NBC showed us the results on TV.

Winter warmers: Two city magazines publish sex issues in February.

Woodland Park Zoo finds an old terrarium, turns it into a new meerkat exhibit.

Out with a Bing! Has it changed your Googling habits?

Wrong number: Microsoft launches—then deep-sixes—its Kin smartphones. Windows Phone 7, anyone?

Downward three-headed dog: Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll says yoga is "demonic."

Ken Griffey Jr. nods off during a Mariners game. (Mariners nation understands completely.)

Illegal procedure: Seahawks receiver Golden Tate is flagged for “trespassing” inside a closed Top Pot Doughnuts shop.

Obooma! Clueless pilot enters restricted airspace; fighter jets set off sonic booms.

Your tax dollars at work: Legislature deems yogurt/honey/peanut Balance Bar to be taxable, cookie-dough Balance Bar to be nontaxable.