Seattle's 48 Best Sandwiches: Pulled Pork

It’s the sandwich trend du jour and these places—some new, some well seasoned—know how to play this
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Spice-Rubbed Pulled Pork
Pig Iron Bar-B-Q
The barbecue purist need look no farther than Georgetown’s Pig Iron, where the spice-rubbed pulled pork ($9.95) comes in succulent chunks glistening with juice, with the sparest amount of barbecue sauce anointing the meat so as to not detract from the taste. (Extra sauce available on the side—get the chipotle.)

Kahlúa Pork Sliders

Marination Mobile
Various locations
If you’ve got a spare $2 burning a hole in your pocket, Marination has a tasty little snack for you. Its smoky Kahlúa shredded-pork sliders come topped with a smattering of crunchy, tangy slaw, all heaped on a warm, sweet Hawaiian roll.

Pulled Pork
Elliott Bay Café
Pioneer Square
When the pulled pork sandwich ($9.25) is on the menu here, order up. Chef Zephyr Paquette has a way with the pig, introducing tender strands of pork to a sweet and piquant, subtly smoky sauce. No surprise, really. Pork lover extraordinaire Tamara Murphy owns the place.

Pulled Pork
Pike Street Fish Fry
Capitol Hill
This colorful sandwich ($6) would be virtually unrecognizable down South, but it’s one tasty deviation from tradition. A toasted Macrina roll is topped with a stovetop-style, saucy pulled pork, and then blasted with a robust, garlicky salsa verde and served on a magenta bed of pickled cabbage. (Bonus: For even more flavor, top your sandwich with a squeeze of the spicy harissa they have at the counter.)

Pulled Pork
Pecos Pit BBQ
If “big ’n’ messy” is your idea of what a pulled pork sandwich should be, then Pecos Pit, which has been around for years, has a foil-wrapped brick of a sandwich with your name on it ($6.40). The Tabasco-heavy sauce—even the “medium” has a kick—is ladled over two generous fistfuls of tender pork that are stuffed into a soft onion roll.

Originally published in August 2010