Seattle's 48 Best Sandwiches: Salad Sandwiches

Nothing takes you back to grade school like a basic tuna, chicken or egg salad sandwich. The best pa
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Volunteer Park Café (Capitol Hill)
Easily the best in town, Volunteer Park’s version uses hand-pulled chicken, and is loaded with apples and celery and blanketed in a fresh, tarragon-flecked mayo. Have it stuffed into a baguette with crunchy romaine lettuce ($7.50) or go breadless and enjoy it on a bed of fresh greens ($8).

Louisa’s Café
and Bakery
Biting into a tuna salad sandwich ($7.25 whole, $4.95 half) at Louisa’s, in the Eastlake neighborhood, brings back memories of those carefree days of sunny yellow lunchboxes and frosty bottles of milk. What sets this sandwich apart are hearty slices of cushy, house-made bread, fresh slices of tomato and lettuce, and the sweet tang of relish mixed right in.

Smarty Pants
Hipsters and burly motorcyclists dine elbow to elbow at Smarty Pants, where an affinity for sandwiches, like the creamy, paprika-flecked egg salad ($7.50), provides common ground. Mounded high on a toasty French roll with juicy tomatoes and lettuce, this sandwich is a two-hander that’ll leave you sated.

Originally published in August 2010