Build Your Own Soup at King Noodle

This International District noodle house is great for cheap—and interactive—eats.

If you’re a menu customizer—always asking for this or that on the side, extra veggies and such—get thee to King Noodle, stat! You’ll be presented with a two-sided menu to fill in: a choice of noodles (I like the chewy egg noodles and the wontons) and of broth (the chicken is delicious, but you can opt for spicy broth—another great option—fish broth or other selections). Then there’s the business of building your soup: Is today a day for tender roasted chicken, pulled by hand? Or roasted pork? Or duck, leeks, cabbage, mushrooms, fish balls or braised brisket? It’s all good, but don’t miss the rice in a stone pot, which arrives steaming and topped with, again, your choice of goodies. Satisfying, warming, wintry comfort.

Lunch and dinner daily. International District, 615 S King St.; 206.748.9168. ¢