Cafe Lago turns 25 - and celebrates with timpano

Guest chef Armandino Batali of Salumi Artisan Cured Meats will make the legendary pasta dish
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Ever tried timpano, the dish that made Stanley Tucci famous in the 1996 film, “Big Night?”

Now’s your chance.

In celebration of its 25th year, Cafe Lago, the well-loved Italian restaurant in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood, is offering the epic, drum-shaped pasta dish as part of a big, 5-course Sunday night family dinner. The cost is $175 per person and that includes everything - food, wine, beer, cocktails, tax and tip. Tickets can be purchased here.

Special guest chef, Armandino Batali, founder of Salumi Artisan Cured Meats, will prepare the timpano. To be exact, it is a refined ziti made by layering pasta with tender meatballs, eggs and sometimes vegetables. We hear the rest of the meal will be pretty epic, too, including chicory salad, roast beef and bone marrow, burrata, proscuitto and the like.

The restaurant, founded in 1990 by Carla Leonardi and Jordi Viladas, has been making fresh pasta by-hand every day and baking pizzas over apple wood every night long before it became trendy. Cafe Lago is that local, hidden gem, and by some estimations, one of the best neighborhood Italian restaurants in Seattle.

Happy birthday!