The Central District's Humble Pie is a Welcome Addition


!--paging_filter--pThe Central District of Seattle isn’t quite a pizza desert, but it’s close. So when Brian Solazzi set up two shipping containers and an outdoor pizza oven on his corner property at Rainier Avenue S and Weller Street, you could almost hear the collective neighborhood cheer. It took more than a year for Solazzi (who launched his eponymous design-build company in 2011) to build Humble Pie by hand on land his family has owned forever, but it was worth the wait for his organic apple, Beecher’s Flagship cheese and apple-smoked bacon pie ($11): sweet, smoky, with a good, thick layer of cheese that’ll likely remind you of the heftier pizzas of your youth. I like that he sneaks a little fontina cheese onto the Zoe’s Calabrese sausage and Mama Lil’s pepper pizza ($12); it adds a little funk to the flavor, in a good way. While you’re here, grab a growler of beer ($12); Solazzi has four good brews (most of them local) on tap at any given time ($4 a pint). Dinner Tue.–Sun. Central District, 525 Rainier Ave. S; 206.329.5133; a href="" target="_blank"