Christopher Boffoli's Strange Little Worlds

The West Seattle-based photographer is getting a big response to his funny miniature series.

Christopher Boffoli won’t stop playing with his food, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The West Seattle-based photographer and writer has gained acclaim for his “Disparity” photo series, which comically pairs teeny human figurines with real-life foods in extreme close-up.

Now he’s bringing the photo series to greeting cards, pairing his macro food photography with absurdist one-liners reminiscent of Gary Larson’s “Far Side” cartoons.

Inspired by miniature-obsessed TV shows and movies from his youth, such as Dr. Shrinker, The Incredible Shrinking Woman and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Boffoli began the series in 2002 and keeps on shooting.

Highlights include a janitor mopping mustard from a seemingly giant hot dog, a woman “mowing” zest on an enormous orange and scuba divers preparing to submerge into a cup of Earl Grey.

As for the source of the figurines, Boffoli isn’t giving up his secret. “If pressed, I usually just say the little people in my work are actually real. And as they’re fiercely private, I try not to talk about them too much.”

Find his note cards online ( and at local shops, including Click! Design That Fits (West Seattle, 4540 California Ave. SW; 206.328.9252;

Poster-size prints of Boffoli’s strange little worlds are on display through February 24 at Winston Wachter Fine Art (Belltown, 203 Dexter Ave. N; 206.652.5855; Tip: Don’t go in hungry.