Cinerama Gets the World's First Commercial Digital Laser Projector

Cinerama theater beams up to the future

If Paul Allen owns something like, say, a movie theater, you can bet that it’s going to be the best, most newfangled theater in all the land. Case in point: his 1960s-era, saved-from-demolition Cinerama in Belltown, which is slated to install the world’s first commercial digital laser projector in early 2014. The super-high-tech machine has a light output of 60,000 lumens, which translates into films with more clarity and color accuracy than ever before. This latest high-tech coup has us curious as to what else Mr. Allen may have in store for the Cinerama. Perhaps robotic ushers? The option to “beam up” to your seats? Maybe a hologram of Allen’s beloved Jimi Hendrix serving popcorn? Or—please, make it so—push-button ejection seats for people who text during the show?


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