Coyle's Bakeshop to Open Permanent Home in Greenwood This Winter

| Updated: November 27, 2018

After operating her wildly successful baking and pastry pop-up at Book Larder for more than a year, Rachael Coyle has found a permanent home.

The 32-year old will be opening Coyle’s Bakeshop in Greenwood, taking over a former print shop on the corner of 83rd and Greenwood Ave. N. and creating a 1,200-square-foot  café designed by the talented architects at Atelier Drome (Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Juicebox, La Bodega).

Coyle ran Coyle’s Bakeshop as a monthly pop-up from April 2013 to November 2013, baking up the hill at Dot’s before she eventually found a commercial kitchen space this past March, allowing her to resume her pop-up on a weekly basis.

“It’s been more educational than any amount of business plan writing,” Coyle told me when I had coffee with her last month. At the time, she was still working out a deal for the space that she finally signed a lease for.

“I’m really interested in bringing more seasonality to baking. I think we’ve gotten to a point where we expect that from restaurants—you don’t go to Sitka & Spruce and say, ‘I want that thing I had six months ago.’ There’s an understanding that it will be different and it will change and to some extent, I’d like that to happen in baking and pastry.”

Coyle began her career as Jerry Traunfeld’s pastry chef at the Herbfarm, where she got schooled on Northwest ingredients before heading off to Columbia City Bakery, Le Pichet and Café Presse.

She understands that now that she has a brick and mortar, the lines to get her Saturday-only baked goods might diminish. And she’s just fine with that.

“I would like to, in some ways, preserve the spirit of the pop-up, maybe making weekends more of an event, when we roll out our specialty cakes and over-the-top stuff. I don’t doubt that the sort of frenzy will go away and that this open-ended opportunity to get this stuff will sort of dampen some people’s enthusiasm.”

The new bakeshop will be different, but it most senses, it will just be more, says Coyle. “I’ll probably do some breakfast and lunch items (salads and sandwiches to offset desserts). I’d really like to start tea. Tea is one of those things that I’m pretty in love with—the concept of tea. We’ve got Disneyfied versions of tea in Seattle, but the idea that in the afternoon, you can just have a sweet snack and a nice pot of tea—that’s my long-term goal.”

Some of her pop-up items will be special order only. 

Coyle’s final pop-up at Book Larder will be this Saturday, but will return for monthly appearances this fall.

You can follow Coyle’s progress on her Facebook page