Craving: Art Of The Cobbler

In a fervent embrace of summer’s fruitful bounty, Seattle restaurants demonstrate a charming affecti

Art Of The Cobbler
Volunteer Park Café
Co-owner and pastry chef Heather Earnhardt bakes some surprises into her peach, blueberry, blackberry and nectarine cobblers, infusing the filling with a touch of thyme, rosemary and scented geraniums from her garden. Each serving comes with a dollop of Olympic Mountain vanilla bean ice cream. $7. Capitol Hill, 1501 17th Ave. E; 206.328.3155;

Tilikum Place Café
Pastry chef Michael Seidel has no reservations about keeping the traditional cobbler recipe, well, traditional. Aside from the accompaniment of lavender ice cream (made in house), Seidel’s blueberry cobbler hews as close to the basic recipe as possible. Served warm with what Seidel would call a “skinny sconey” topping (imagine eating just the sugary top of a scone rather than a thick biscuit), the dish is big enough for two people to spoon through. $7. Downtown, 407 Cedar St.; 206.282.4830;

Anthony’s HomePort/Chinook’s at Salmon Bay
The famous peach slump here has cobbler gobblers calling weeks in advance to check on its annual late-summer arrival. The Anthony’s team adds cream to the pastry dough to impart a softer texture to the crust, and serves the dessert warm with vanilla ice cream. And while peaches aren’t forever, the Wild Mountain blackberry cobbler graces the menu all year long. $9.95. Various locations;

The print version includes a cobbler from the now-closed Sostanza, which has been deleted here.

Originally published in August 2010