2009 WA Wine Awards: Best New Winery

Daniel Ferrelli, a second-generation Italian, turns a hobby into a winning winery

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Best New Winery
Efeste Wines
Daniel Ferrelli, a second-generation Italian, had been making wine at home for years. In 2004, joined by his son-in-law Kevin Taylor and family friend Patrick Smith, he followed his passion and formed Efeste Wines (pronounced F-S-T, after the first letters of their last names). The trio made a few wise moves that helped them rise above many new wineries. Firstly, they hired Chris Upchurch and Jay Soloff of DeLille Winery as consultants for their new project. Then, they hired Brennon Leighton as winemaker (see Winemaker to Watch). They also focused their production on doing just a few wines well—two Sauvignon Blancs, a dry Riesling, the Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon, Ceidleigh (KAY–lee) Syrah, Final Final Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend. All these choices led to some great wines and a welcoming tasting room experience that have kept fans coming back for more.  Woodinville, 44th Ave. NE; 425.398.7200; efeste.com

Produced by Anne Nisbet, Shannon Borg and Andrea Delimont