'Do You Know Bruce?' Opens at the Wing Luke Museum

The Wing Luke Museum illuminates Bruce Lee’s formative years

The name Bruce Lee instantly conjures images of the shirtless martial artist performing speed-of-light kicks, unstoppable blows and nunchaku tricks. But instead, picture the young Lee attending classes at Seattle Central College (then called Edison Technical School) in pursuit of his high school diploma. Imagine him working nights as a waiter at Ruby Chow’s Restaurant on First Hill. And visualize the October day in 1963, when, on the University of Washington campus, near the Sylvan Theater columns, Lee asked fellow Husky (and future wife) Linda Emery on their first date: dinner at the futuristic new Space Needle restaurant. In an expansive new exhibit, the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience asks, Do You Know Bruce? The presumed answer is not really. But with historic photos, multimedia displays, memorabilia and personal belongings, The Wing aims to enlighten audiences as to the man behind the big-screen legend—particularly his formative years spent in Seattle, where Lee founded his first kung fu studio in the University District, at 4750 University Way. After viewing the exhibit, you can visit Lee’s grave in Lake View Cemetery with a deeper understanding of all that was lost when he died so young. Opens 10/4 and runs three years, with new items added each year. Times and prices vary. 719 S King St.; 206.623.5124; wingluke.org 


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