Eastern Reflexology for Your Feet

Given our Pacific Coast location, it’s only natural that Eastern reflexology should trickle overseas

Given our Pacific Coast location, it’s only natural that Eastern reflexology should trickle overseas to aid Seattle’s weary feet. Whether you’re looking to enhance your circulation, relieve stress or take a load off after breaking in those brand new Jimmy Choos (or hiking boots), you’ll find an array of reflexology options in this pedestrian-proud city. Just don’t expect a pampered pedicure alongside the therapeutic poking and prodding.

Eastern Foot Reflexology: eN Salon
At eN, you can choose from Eastern-style reflexology (a hurts-so-good, no wait, hurts-quite-a-bit stimulation of the feet’s pressure points) that strengthens the immune system and promotes healthy internal functioning, Western-style (a gentler massage that soothes the body and mind), or the Quick Course (for those who want all the feel-good results but can only withstand a half portion). $30–$45/30–60 minutes depending on treatment. Bellevue, 13112 NE 20th St., Suite 500; 425.883.1010;   en-salon.com

Winged Feet: Helle
Good things come in threes at this “skin sanctuary.” With a spa vibe that’s more Georgetown funky than fancy, Helle takes your feet to heaven with this package that includes an aromatic soak, deep exfoliation, a cleansing facial-type foot masque (told you so, see next page) followed by 30 dreamy minutes of reflexology.  $100/1 hour. Georgetown, 6253 13th Ave. S.; 206.767.0803; helleseattle.com


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