Fall Arts Preview 2013: Visual Arts

Keep your eyes open for painters, photographers and sculptors working to shift your point of view

Seattle’s own Gala Bent paints and draws tiny, otherworldly, watercolor scenes in The Ether and the Mantle, a show of intriguing new work. 8/30–10/5. Times vary. Free. G. Gibson Gallery. ggibsongallery.com

In Hometown Boy, contemporary Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong paints lush, hauntingly realistic portraits of a crowded, often naked homeland. And in Inked, fellow countryman Wan Qingli blends traditional Chinese brushstrokes with a modern sense of irony. 8/31–6/29/2014. Times and prices vary. Seattle Asian Art Museum. seattleartmuseum.org

In Renegades, South African photographer Frank Marshall takes portraits of leather-clad heavy-metalheads in Botswana. 9/2–10/2. Times vary. Free. M.I.A Gallery. m-i-a-gallery.com

Brooklyn-based collaborative artists Stephen B. Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh take the Olympic Mountains as inspiration for this installation of huge swaths of paper shaped into natural forms. 9/16–12/13. Times vary. Free. Suyama Space, suyamaspace.org

Longtime urban photographer Ray Metzker reveals that he’s never stopped experimenting with stark contrast and black-and-white techniques. 9/21–1/05/2014. Times and prices vary. Henry Art Gallery. henryart.org

The Frye Art Museum celebrates contemporary Seattle textile artist Mark Mitchell’s beautiful takes on burial garments (9/21–10/20), along with the weird, dark seduction of turn-of-the-century German oil painter Franz von Stuck (11/2–2/02/2014). Times vary. Free. fryemuseum.org

Los Angeles–based installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp transforms interior spaces with giant digital projections of natural phenomena. 11/9–1/26/2014. Times and prices vary. Tacoma Art Museum. tacomaartmuseum.org

Robert Davidson, a Northwest Coast Haida artist, crafts boldly iconographic images of animals and nature. In Abstract Impulse, he exhibits 45 recent paintings, prints and sculptures at SAM. 11/16–2/16/14. Times and prices vary. Seattle Art Museum. seattleartmuseum.org

In A World of Paper, A World of Fashion, Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave crafts stunning, life-size replicas of prominent historical gowns out of paper. 11/21–2/16/2014. Times and prices vary. Bellevue Arts Museum. bellevuearts.org


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