Fill 'Er Up! Growler Refilling Spots Around Seattle

The beer run will never be the same, thanks to growler refill stops popping up across town

!--paging_filter--pOnly in Seattle would taking home artisanal, fresh-draught beer in old-fashioned jugs be elevated to convenient extremes. One of the city’s first “beer convenience stores,” Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood just opened a new Central District location, and both spots boast 39 rotating fresh-from-the-tap ales for at-home enjoyment in 32- and 64-ounce brown glass jugs, known as growlers ($5.50–$6.50; a href="" target="_blank" Suddenly it seems there’s a filling station in nearly every neighborhood. At Bartell Drugs in Greenwood, South Lake Union and soon in Ballard, you can fill a prescription—and your growler—with six rotating Pacific Northwest beers on tap. (Glass growlers: $8.99; beer: $9.99 to $12.99 per 64-ounce refill;a href="" target="_blank" At Capitol Hill’s new grocery store Cone Steiner General, counter staff will fill your growler with six rotating local beers on tap. (Brown glass growlers: $5 for 32-ounce; $10 for 64-ounce refill, with the first fill included. Beer: $8–$15 per growler, depending on beer and size of growler; Facebook: “a href="" target="_blank"Cone Steiner/a.”) West Seattle’s Tap Station offers four ciders, four seasonal ales and four beers from Washington state and beyond. (Growlers: $8. Beer: $10–$14 for 64-ounce refills; a href="" target="_blank" They also fill containers such as canteens or mason jars with secure, sealed lids for $0.15 to $0.25 per ounce. You can fill your growler by boat at Little Gull Grocery in North Lake Union, which has five local beers on tap. (Growlers: $10 for 64-ounce; $5 for 32-ounce. Beer: $8–$20, depending on the growler size and beer; a href="" target="_blank" And Spike + Steam, the beer, wine and cider bar the South Lake Union Whole Foods, offers growler refills of nine rotating beers—about half of which are local. (64-ounce growler: a surprisingly low $4. Beer: $11.99–$20 per refill; a href="" target="_blank"