Find: Genetics Experts

| Updated: November 27, 2018

!--paging_filter--pThese specialists can help you decode your genetic health: br /br /a href=""strongFuki M. Hisama, M.D./strong/a, Medical Director of the Genetic Medicine Clinic; 206.598.4030; br /a href="" /br /emSeattle magazine’s 2013 Top Doctors/embr /a href=""strongKathleen Leppig, M.D./strong/a, genetics, Group Health, Capitol Hill; 206.326.3000; a href="" br /br /a href=""strongMargaret L.P. Adam, M.D./strong/a and a href=""strongIan A. Glass, M.D./strong/a, pediatric genetics, Seattle Children’s; 206.987.2056; a href=""