Food We Love: Avocado Toast at The Fat Hen

The Ballard restaurant offers a delicious and wallet-friendly version of the trendy dish

Growing up, my favorite after-school snack was a piece of toasted white bread smeared with avocado. Today, chefs across the nation have elevated this comfort food to be among the trendiest of appetizers. My favorite version is at The Fat Hen in Ballard. There, chef and co-owner Massimo Gallo covers a thick slice of levain peasant loaf with smashed chunks of an entire avocado. As if that serving of healthy fats wasn’t sinful enough, he drizzles organic, extra-virgin olive oil on top and sprinkles it with sea salt and red pepper flakes, all for $5. It’s nature’s butter, amplified.

Ballard, 1418 NW 70th St.; 206.782.5422;