Food We Love: Cranberry Apple Crumble at Pie Bar

In honor of National Pi Day, plan a visit to this Capitol Hill pie shop

!--paging_filter--pspan class="field-content"It’s about this time of year that I start to feel a little bit tired. Of pie. Of the pumpkin drudgery in particular. But here comes Alyssa Lewis to the rescue! At her slim pie shop and bar on Capitol Hill, which she co-owns with her twin sister, Natalie Delucchi, Lewis (who previously owned Magnolia’s terrific Seattle Pie Company) makes PIE BAR’S CRANBERRY APPLE CRUMBLE ($8 per slice), a flavor that’s festive and seasonal and far from humdrum. Chunks of softened apples play against thrillingly tart cranberries. But my favorite part is the European churned butter crumbles on top, which crunch almost like cookies. Pair it with a Cappuccino Cascades cocktail (Crater Lake espresso vodka, hazelnut liqueur, amaretto, Irish cream, coffee, whipped cream and chocolate shavings, $11) and if there’s a more apt way to toast the season, I haven’t heard of it. Eat in or pick up pie (by the slice or whole) for your holiday party. 1361 E Olive Way; 206.257.1459; a href="" target="_blank"